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Tioman Chinese New Year 2017

Chinese New Year is the Chinese equivalent of the Year-end/New Year celebrations in western culture. In fact, in terms of the actual festivities, Chinese New Year is celebrated as abundantly amongst the Chinese as December 31st/January 1st is in Europe, US, Australia, New Zealand and other countries, such as Singapore.

Similarly to December 31st/January 1st, Chinese New Year actually denotes the end of the year gone by and the first day of the New Year in the Chinese calendar. But in contrast to the western New Year celebrations, Chinese New Year also marks the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year.

Each of the years are represented by a zodiac animal. In the year 2017, it's the Dog.

The other main similarity the two festivities share is that despite their religious origins, nowadays the festivities are mostly centered on family reunions, and enjoying meals together. As a matter of fact, food and drink feature highly in both holidays.

Given the predominantly Chinese-majority Singapore population, Singapore typically tends to be quiet during the Chinese New Year week. Most retail establishments and even corporations close for celebrations.

This is the main reason a considerable portion of Singaporeans opt to travel overseas during Chinese New Year. It's because Singapore Inc. pretty much grinds to a halt during Chinese New Year. Every year, a significant number of travelers choose Tioman Island as their Chinese New Year holiday destination of choice. And rightly so, because by this time of the year, the monsoon rains tend to have made way for sunny weather, with blue skies.

Now, seeing as that the Chinese population in Singapore and Malaysia ranks as second largest, it stands to reason that Chinese New Year falls just below the Muslim Hari Raya Haji holiday in terms of the numbers of travelers going cross-country to visit relatives and spend time relaxing in a hotel.

This is why, if you, too, are looking forward to spend time in Tioman during Chinese New Year, we recommend that you book your ferry and hotel room as early as possible, particularly, fair weather notwithstanding, the fact that wind and waves can pose a bit of an issue for the Tioman ferry service.

For your information, Chinese New Year weekend in 2017 starts on February 16 and includes February 17 and 18. However, in all likelihood, most revelers will take a few more days of on either side of the festivities.

Click the dates below you want to go to Tioman. You'll instantly see the hotel availability for those dates. Enjoy!

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If you want to go to Mersing Harbour Centre by bus during Chinese New Year, then click bus to Mersing to book your bus tickets.

If you prefer taking private transport to Mersing, then you can book your taxi here.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Lastly, one more thing. Note that these days, the number of available rooms in Tioman's many lodgings actually exceeds by quite a margin the total number of available ferry seats to Tioman. The reason for this situation is that over the last 5 years, the hotels and resorts have expanded in number by a considerable degree. The ferry, unfortunately, has been unable to keep up the pace, since the number of daily crossings possible is capped by the ever-low water levels in the Mersing waterways. Bottom line, do make sure you book your ferry tickets in time. Last thing you want is for your party to be stranded at Mersing Harbour Centre with a hotel booking but no ferry ticket to take you to that hotel. So close yet so far.
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Happy Chinese New Year!

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