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Tioman Ferry Tickets
Tioman Ferry Tickets
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Tioman Ferry Tickets

Batam to Anambas Ferry

About halfway through 2016, a new ferry service was added to the incumbent Bintan to Anambas ferry. This new ferry is different in a number of ways from the Bintan to Anambas ferry, but the two operators also have a couple of similarities.

Travelers with their sights set on an Anambas holiday can compare the two ferry operators on the basis of the information on this Batam ferry to Anambas page and this page.

Batam Ferry to Anambas

First of all, this new Batam to Anambas ferry operates out of the Indonesian island of Batam. Now, Batam lies adjacent to Bintan, but is located closer to Singapore. This means that if your Anambas trip starts in Singapore, your ferry trip to Batam is shorter (by about an hour) than if you take the ferry from Singapore to Bintan.

Incidentally, there are quite a lot more daily ferry crossings between Batam and Singapore, so connection-wise, Batam may pip Bintan when time is of the essence.

The other thing to note is that the Batam to Anambas vessel is newer than the Bintan to Anambas vessel. And as a result of its catamaran design the Batam to Anambas ferry is a little less prone to the rocking and rolling that occurs when seas are lumpy. That said, some hull movement is inescapable of course, given that the journey to Anambas takes us quite a ways off shore.

Journey-time, typically, the Batam to Anambas ferry tends to reach its destination faster, since it travels faster. In fact, the Batam to Anambas ferry takes about 7+ hours for the full journey to Tarempa, as compared to up to 10+ hours for the Bintan to Anambas ferry.

The other difference between the two ferry operators is that the Batam to Anambas ferry offers three separate classes: Economy, Business and VIP. Rates to Tarempa range from US$ 55 to US$ 85 per person, per one-way ticket, depending on the class travelled.

Click the Batam to Anambas Ferry website for full ticket price details.

Lastly, this Batam to Anambas ferry departs from Batam every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and returns to Batam from Anambas every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

NOTE: One thing to always keep in the back of your head when sailing to Anambas, weather-related delays can be common, especially during the monsoon months (November - March). Also, booking your tickets in advance is recommended. Your ferry ticket provider should be able to assist you with any ferry schedule updates.

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Batam to Anambas ferry
Batam to Anambas ferry

Anambas is renowned for its unrivaled coral reefs
Anambas = unrivaled coral gardens

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