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Tioman Ferry Tickets
Tioman Ferry Tickets
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Tioman Ferry Tickets

Below Terms and Conditions apply to Tioman Ferry Tickets, as owned by Insites Net Design Pte Ltd, Singapore

By reserving your ferry transport with ferry operator Blue Water Express, you understand and agree that Tioman Ferry Tickets will not be held accountable for any consequences resulting from said reservation(s) or cancellation of said reservation(s) by Blue Water Express, or from any other causes. Specifically:

1. You use this Tioman Ferry Tickets website,, at your own risk.

2. This site is provided by us on an "as is" basis. Tioman Ferry Tickets does not warrant or represent that the content of this site is always accurate, always up-to-date or always complete, or that it does not infringe upon the rights of any third parties. Tioman Ferry Tickets makes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to this site, its contents or any of the services supplied through the site. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Tioman Ferry Tickets disclaims all implied representations and warranties including, without limitation, implied warranties that the services offered and supplied through the site will be of merchantable quality, fit for any purpose or will comply with any descriptions on the site.

3. When using the Tioman Ferry Tickets website, information will be transmitted over a medium which, in many cases, is beyond the control or jurisdiction of Tioman Ferry Tickets. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Tioman Ferry Tickets (including our officers, employees, shareholders or other representatives) are not liable for any loss or damage (including, without limitation, incidental and consequential damages, personal injury/wrongful death, lost profits, or damages resulting from lost data or business interruption), however caused (including negligence), which may be directly or indirectly suffered, in connection with your use of or inability to access this site or the purchase and use of any services provided via this site. This limitation of liability (whether arising under contract, tort (including negligence) or statute) applies to all damages of any kind including compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property, personal injury, death and claims of third parties.

4. In the event that the Tioman Ferry Tickets website fails to operate or causes any loss or damage, due to non-availability of information, Tioman Ferry Tickets cannot and will not be held accountable.

5. Tioman Ferry Tickets operates on the condition that ferry tickets booked by the customer have been collected by the customer. Customers arriving at Tioman Ferry Tickets' ticketing counter after the last ferry has departed, i.e. too late to be on the ferry for the day reserved, forfeit their ferry reservation. Customers who do not come to Tioman Ferry Tickets' ticketing counter at all, to collect their tickets, forfeit their ferry reservation. Customers who decline the ferry tickets from Tioman Ferry Tickets' ticketing counter staff forfeit their ferry reservation.

6. Access to and use of the Tioman Ferry Tickets website is subject to factors beyond Tioman Ferry Tickets' control. Tioman Ferry Tickets does not represent or warrant that the Tioman Ferry Tickets website, the server that makes it available, or any of the products or services provided through the Tioman Ferry Tickets website, will be free of errors, viruses or defects or that the service will always be uninterrupted or timely. Because of the nature of the Internet, Tioman Ferry Tickets does not warrant that the Tioman Ferry Tickets website will be secure and Tioman Ferry Tickets will not be liable for any disruptions to the Tioman Ferry Tickets website.

7. In the event a ferry departure is deemed unsafe, or is cancelled on account of weather, tides or sea state, such as during the monsoon months, i.e. November to March, or any other cause or reason, Tioman Ferry Tickets cannot and will not be held accountable. Any and all refund requests are subject to approval by Bluewater Express.)

8. Tioman Ferry Tickets cannot and will not be held accountable for personal injury or death resulting from ferry fire, collision, sinking, or any other mishap, either as a result of an accident, or Blue Water Express mismanagement, or otherwise, either while at sea, or otherwise.

9. To the fullest extent permitted by law remedies under these Terms and Conditions are exclusive and are limited to those expressly provided for in these Terms and Conditions.

10. These specific Terms and Conditions - both above and below - may be amended by Tioman Ferry Tickets as Tioman Ferry Tickets deems appropriate. Customers shall be bound by the Terms and Conditions so amended.

Itinerary changes

Tioman Ferry Tickets operates on the basis that ferry terminal/dates/times booked may be changed, if and when requested by the customer. NOTE: Any and all itinerary amendment requests are subject to approval by Bluewater Express!

Ferry times selected

The ferry between Mersing and Tioman is subject to tidal ranges, sea state, weather etc. As such, ferry departure times are dynamic. Passengers who have booked their travel dates must subsequently provide their selected ferry times by means of the online form provided as soon as possible, i.e. immediately upon the publication of the ferry schedule. Ferry vessels fill up progressively and chronologically, which means that passengers submitting their ferry time are subject to first come first served. Specifically, once a particular ferry time selected is no longer available, the closest available ferry time will be provided. Given the influences of tide, weather and sea state on ferry departure, no guarantees are made or given that all passengers are provided the exact ferry date or time selected.

NOTE: Passengers who booked open tickets, i.e. travel dates without travel time, need to submit their travel times with a minimum of 10 days before their travel date. Failure to do so may result in their booking being deferred to a ferry at a later date.

Ferry destinations

A round-trip ferry ticket represents one uninterrupted leg from either Mersing or Tanjung Gemuk to any one final destination in Tioman, and one uninterrupted leg from any one legitimate departure point in Tioman to either Mersing or Tanjung Gemuk. That is, there will be a maximum of one single disembarkation per ferry leg. Once the passenger has disembarked, even if prematurely, i.e. at a ferry stop before the actual ferry stop intended and booked, that particular ferry leg shall be considered redeemed.

Price difference between tickets secured in advance online and as walk-in

Online ticket sales are subject to various costs that terminal counter sales are exempt from. Examples of additional costs are: bank transfer fees, currency-holding charges, currency conversion charges, PayPal fees, as well as web portal infrastructure and database maintenance costs. In addition, Tioman Ferry Tickets ferry tickets secured online include a number of added-value services that are not included when tickets are bought at the ferry counter. These added-value services assist our passengers at all stages of the journey to Tioman and are useful for those who prefer to travel with as few inconveniences as possible.

Cancellation/Refund Policy Ferry Tickets

All cancellation requests of confirmed bookings are subject to approval by Bluewater Express.

Fully booked

A ferry ticket booking for (a) date(s) that has/have been declared fully booked by means of the deactivation of the reservation form's calendar date auto-fill (date is unclickable and "greyed out"), and/or by Tioman Ferry Twitter account ( is invalid and will be reversed as soon as this invalid booking has been established administratively. The tickets for this invalid booking will subsequently be refunded to the buyer in full, provided they have not yet been redeemed. Tioman Ferry Tickets is not accountable for any costs incurred from this invalid booking.

Email delivery failure

It is the passengers' responsibility to contact Tioman Ferry Tickets in order to be informed of the ferry travel details. Ferry reservation confirmation emails, or any other messages sent by Tioman Ferry Tickets Singapore, that are consistently not received by the intended recipient due to an incorrectly typed email address, incorrectly set spam filter, full mail box, or any other email problem, resulting in passengers missing their ferry or ferries booked, will result in this/these particular booking(s) being redeemed without passengers, i.e. forfeited. No refund will be given for these bookings.


Regular luggage is free of charge. However, luggage that's not considered regular, such as golf bags/equipment, surf boards, bicycles, or an unusual number of suitcases per individual passenger, are all subject to excess luggage fee. The final amount of excess luggage fee chargeable is determinable by the ferry cabin crew.

Third Party False Claims

In cases where a Tioman Ferry Tickets customer has been misled by a third party in Mersing into buying new ferry tickets on the basis of the third party's misrepresentation that Tioman Ferry Tickets' tickets are not valid, leading to the customer initiating a PayPal "Non-receipt dispute", Tioman Ferry Tickets will urge the customer, by means of a reply to the dispute in the PayPal Resolution Center, as well as by sending a separate email to the customer, to demand a refund from the third party in question once the customer has returned to Mersing or Tanjung Gemuk from Tioman. If, however, the customer opts to ignore our email and PayPal Resolution Center reply and thence disregards our instructions, instead following through on the Non-receipt dispute, the customer will be deemed to be committing PayPal/credit card fraud willingly and knowingly. Tioman Ferry Tickets will subsequently provide PayPal with all related documents pertaining to the fraud case in question and will request PayPal inform the credit card company concerned, such that the fraud case can be investigated to the fullest possible extent. Additionally, Tioman Ferry Tickets will pursue all legal means available in order to ensure the fraud case is brought to the appropriate authorities in the relevant country or countries.

Tanjung Gemuk

Due to recent changes in Pahang maritime regulations, some Tanjung Gemuk ferry bookings may require changing to Mersing. Tioman Ferry Tickets will inform passengers affected as soon as possible and will amend respective bookings to Mersing accordingly. Mersing ferry departure may be different from the original Tanjung Gemok booking.


As Tioman Ferry Ticket is dependent on third-party notifications, Tioman Ferry Tickets cannot and will not be held responsible for errors in said notifications. This applies to Tioman Ferry Tickets' Emails, Tweets, Facebook, Ferry Hotline, Whatsapp and all Tioman Ferry Tickets' other media and communication modes.


In order to be accepted as a Twitter follower, passengers requesting to follow Tioman Ferry Tickets' Tweets need to at all times proactively confirm they have a valid booking with Tioman Ferry Tickets by informing Tioman Ferry Tickets of the email address used for said booking. Failure to do so may lead to the follow request going unanswered. Tioman Ferry Tickets cannot and will not be responsible for missed connections due to passengers not having been granted access to Tioman Ferry Tickets' Tweets.

Bus Online Tickets

Tioman Ferry Tickets is third party agent of (Bus Online Ticket) bus tickets. As such, by reserving your bus transport with the various bus and/or coach and/or ferry companies available on the booking forms within any of the domains owned by Tioman Ferry Tickets, you understand and agree that Tioman Ferry Tickets cannot and will not be held accountable for any negative repercussions, financial or otherwise, resulting from said reservation(s) or cancellation(s) of said reservation(s) by any of the bus or coach or ferry companies, or any other causes. Tioman Ferry Tickets cannot and will not be held accountable for any accidents, for example but not excluded to bus accidents, or ferry accident, or personal injury or death, either as a result of a bus accident, or a ferry accident, or from any other causes.

NOTE: In the event conflicting information, or a mutually exclusive item is located elsewhere, the above disclaimer details take full legal precedence. Last-minutes available. No booking fee.

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