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Tioman Ferry Tickets
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Anambas Ferry

So you've decided to go to Anambas by ferry. Get the details on the ferry trip to both Jemaja and Tarempah right here. The Anambas Archipelago isn't the easiest destination to reach, but actually it's quite feasible once you follow below instructions. Besides, as you will see when you arrive, Anambas is ever so worth the journey. Plus, when traveling anywhere in Indonesia, getting there is half the fun.

The first thing you need to do is make your way to Pulau Bintan or Batam, as there's a ferry to Anambas from both these islands. If your last port of call is Singapore, then you can catch the ferry to either Bintan or Batam from Tanah Merah or Harbour Front.

Speed-ferry to Anambas

Both the ferry from Bintan and from Batam are fully air-con and generally quite comfortable, taking about 6-7 hours, give or take, to reach their destination. Add an hour or so if and when the sea is rough. Both vessels stop at Letung and Tarempah, respectively.

The other thing to note is that both ferries arrive back in Bintan and Batam respectively, in the late afternoon. Keep this in mind when your onward journey is to Singapore, because, as opposed to Bintan, Batam has ferries returning to Singapore until evening.

Booking your tickets in advance is recommended, since there's just a single crossing per any given day.

Full details for the ferry to Anambas can be found on the Anambas Ferry website

Cruise to Anambas

Although not a ferry as such, the Bukit Raya also shuttles passengers from Tanjung Pinang to Anambas and back. Owned by Pelni, the Bukit Raya is actually a cruise ship and routinely takes 1000+ passengers aboard. Its lowest fare, so-called economy class, is US$ 15 but full-on sleeper cabins are available too at a higher rate.

The Bukit Raya is a better choice if you prefer to have a lot of space available to you whilst on the journey, but keep in mind that, at around 15 hours, the journey itself is quite a bit longer. Hence the generally lower ticket price, as compared to the faster ferries above.

One thing to always keep in the back of your head when sailing to Anambas, weather-related delays can be common, especially during the monsoon months (November - March). Lastly, booking your tickets in advance is recommended.

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Bintan to Anambas ferry
Bintan to Anambas ferry

Bukit Raya arriving at Tanjung Pinang
Bukit Raya arriving at Tanjung Pinang

Anambas is renown for its unrivaled coral reefs
Anambas = unrivaled coral gardens

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