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Feedback from an actual Genting Bayu Chalet guest

Genting Bayu Chalet is a sweet and basic resort centered around the less-is-more philosophy. But what it lacks in swish and glamor, it more than makes up for in charm and personal touch.

The moment you reach Genting Bayu Chalet, you sense that service here is from the heart. The people are friendly, attentive and hospitable. They patiently answered all my questions about Tioman and this part in particular.

The people that run Genting Bayu Chalet are obviously home-grown and they very obviously love their beautiful little island. I say kudos to the Genting Bayu Chalet people - you made our stay a delight.

As for the rooms, well, let's just say that it's not 5 stars. You get what you pay for and since we wanted a budget-style resort, we got a budget-style resort. Mind you, Genting Bayu Chalet works like a charm.

Staying here dials back the stress before you know it. The simple designs, the wonderfully tranquil surroundings and the light tropical mood, as far as we're concerned, all of Genting Bayu Chalet was just what the doctored ordered.

Incidentally, our room was fully air-conditioned, but I'm not sure if all the Genting Bayu chalets have air-con. So best check this, because after being in the Genting Bayu Chalet outdoors all day, you do appreciate the blissful oasis that is your room.

Book your Genting Bayu chalet and get a taste of a far-away tropical bounty paradise.

We'd heard that Tioman is snorkeling heaven and we weren't disappointed. In fact, we snorkeled in Genting Village and also took a snorkeling trip to a small island called Renggis, 2 villages away, a 15 minute sampan ride that can be chartered from a local fisherman.

Whilst we loved the clear water and many sparkling colors of the area opposite Genting Bayu Chalet, we were blown away by Renggis. The water there is as clear as gin and the coral formations are ever so stunning.

Trust me, snorkeling is a must when staying in Genting Bayu Chalet, Tioman.

Oh, you can also do the "Waterfall outing", which is both enjoyable and informative.

By the way, the meals served at Genting Bayu Chalet are anything but budget-style. If you're into Asian dishes in particular, then you will thoroughly enjoy meal time at Genting Bayu Chalet. The dishes are cooked fresh and are simply sedap :)

In short, Genting Bayu Chalet is great value for money. It's basic, but it'll do us just fine thank you very much. In fact, we already know that we'll be back.

Tip: Do everyone in your party a favor, when staying in Genting Bayu Chalet, drop by Renggis and Marine Park (a.k.a. Taman Laut) for a snorkeling session. That said, make sure you're back at Genting Bayu Chalet by sunset, because the sunset views at Genting Bayu Chalet are mind-blowing. A Kodak moment if ever there was one.

Lastly, the Genting Bayu chalets, being few and far between, tend to be booked in advance, so book early. Last-minutes available. No booking fee.

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Genting Bayu Chalet's golden beach, an absolute snorkeling paradise
Tioman's Genting Bayu Chalet
charming home away from home

Genting Bayu Chalet's golden beach, an absolute snorkeling paradise
One of Genting Bayu Chalet rooms
Sleep to the sound of waves on the beach

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