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ABC Bungalows

Welcome to ABC Bungalows
Welcome to ABC Bungalows

Feedback from an actual ABC Bungalows guest

When we walked up to ABC Bungalows, we were pleasantly surprised at what we saw. ABC Bungalows' six wooden bungalows sit on a lovely and generous garden compound with a lush tropical rainforest at the back and a pretty stretch of beach right in front. Wow. Just wow. What a pretty location to spend a few days away from busy city life.

Our actual room was basic, but clean, a must for us, because we're allergic to dust mites and the like. But luckily, the room interior was spotless and fresh, a great big thumbs up to ABC Bungalows for that.

ABC Bungalows is located in the northern part of Air Batang, which is commonly referred to in these parts as "ABC". Now, ABC Bungalows qualifies as a low-budget accommodation, but whilst that was evident from the room rate, at RM 150 per night, it wasn't at all evident anywhere else.

Book your ABC Bungalows room now
Book your ABC Bungalows room now

Our room, apart from being quite spacious, was furnished with air-con, a hot shower, a fridge/freezer and even a little coffee/tea corner, i.e. a hot-water kettle and some packets of instant coffee, cream and sugar.

Our bed was comfy and everything else in the room worked the way it's meant to, which is something that cannot always be taken for granted when staying in a budget hostel.

Of course I don't know if all of this goodness also applies to the cheaper ABC Bungalows rooms, but as far as our room was concerned, it was A-OK.

By the way, for those interested, the cheaper rooms go for about half the rate of our room and come with a double bed, a fan, a mosquito net and a bathroom. Keep in mind that the shower in these cheaper rooms is strictly cold-water only.

Still, cold shower notwithstanding, these cheaper rooms are as value-for-money as our room. Each caters to its own kind of traveler, which means that ABC Bungalows has all its bases pretty much covered.

It's good to know that ABC Bungalows has an adjoining restaurant right on the beach. And if the hearty meals, western as well as local style, don't inspire you, then the glorious panorama certainly will. But the pièce de résistance is the BBQ.

In fact, in spite of the presence of other restaurants along this ABC stretch, it seemed that travelers converged on ABC Bungalows' restaurant each night. And I can understand why. ABC Bungalows' fresh fish BBQ is out of this world.

By the way, ABC Bungalows is a family-run business with a long pedigree of accommodation rentals in Tioman. And because they're well-connected, they're able to assist you whenever you need any help.

All it took was a quick chat and in no time we had what we needed, a sea taxi, a fishing excursion charter, snorkeling gear, you name it.

Tip: ABC Bungalows has just six bungalows, so expect long odds if you're planning to walk-in. Better book your bungalow ahead of your trip, or by calling +60 9 419 1154. ABC Bungalows offers a stretch of beach that's possibly ABC's finest, but note that the ABC Bungalows plot of land also includes a little creek that flows from the jungle into the sea. Try this creek for a refreshingly nippy dip. It's awesome!