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Ayer Raja Tioman Resort

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Welcome to Ayer Raja Tioman Resort
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Feedback from an actual Ayer Raja Tioman Resort guest

Ayer Raja Tioman Resort is a little cluster of budget-type chalets in the village of Genting, in Tioman Island. As with many other accommodations in Tioman, they've added the label "Resort" to their name, but this is perhaps a little ambitious.

That being said, what Ayer Raja Tioman Resort does, that is, offer an unashamedly bare-bones room for an unashamedly bare-bones price, it does very well.

Welcome to Ayer Raja Tioman Resort Tioman
Ayer Raja Tioman Resort,
simple but sufficient

The group of travelers I was in comprised backpackers only, so we were all very elated to hear Ayer Raja Tioman Resort still had some rooms available. After all, we'd descended upon Ayer Raja Tioman Resort without a prior reservation. And on a public holiday, no less.

Turned out that Ayer Raja Tioman Resort always keeps a few rooms up their sleeve on busy weekends for just such an occasion, i.e. when late arrivals appear without a booking and without warning.

This, to my mind, earns Ayer Raja Tioman Resort the Tioman Foresight of the Year Award. On behalf of all late bookers from far and wide: thank you, Ayer Raja Tioman Resort.

Now, whilst the Ayer Raja Tioman Resort chalets are indeed of backpacker calibre, the surrounding Ayer Raja Tioman Resort environment and views are nothing short of 5 stars. Whichever way you face, you see vista after vista of breathtaking sceneries. This applies both to the crystal-clear seascape in front of the chalets and the lush green jungle landscape behind the chalets.

Amenities are sparse but adequate, given the room rates. Air-con, hot-water shower and wi-fi too, albeit the latter at the restaurant only. If you think this is decent enough, considering the low Ayer Raja Tioman Resort room rates, you'll be pleased to know that the Ayer Raja Tioman Resort staff is above par too. They're, without exception, cheerful, helpful, as well as superb hosts. They also know how to whip up a delicious seafood BBQ. Best not miss out on this.

We loved our chalet's little verandah. It's the ideal stoning corner, drink in hand, feet up, after a hard days' snorkeling, jungle-trekking and full-on all-round fun in the sun. Whether chewing the fat or just admiring the awesome sunset, Ayer Raja Tioman Resort let the good times roll.

A few useful tips to end our review. First of all, Ayer Raja Tioman Resort's spare room policy notwithstanding, it's probably advisable not to make the same mistake we did. That is to say, better book early to make sure you have a room when you arrive. Ayer Raja Tioman Resort may well be on Agoda now, so try there first.

The jungle that straddles Ayer Raja Tioman Resort is without a doubt imposing and inspiring. But it's also home to its fair of critters. So bring the bug spray and apply generously.

Speaking of applying generously, it seems the sun in these parts is more powerful than on the mainland. So bring the sun-block too. I recommend SPF 30 at least. Trust me, you'll still tan.

Lastly, the snorkeling at the Ayer Raja Tioman Resort stretch of sea is great. But if you really want to be bowled over by Tioman's marine flora and fauna, take a trip to Renggis Island. Ayer Raja's staff will gladly set you up.

[Edit: Ayer Raja Tioman Resort used to be called Tioman Yatch Resort]