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Beach Shack Tioman

Aloha and welcome to Beach Shack Tioman, Juara
Aloha and welcome to
Beach Shack Tioman, Juara

Feedback from an actual Beach Shack Tioman guest

I stayed here with a few of my beach bum mates a while back and had a blast. Don't expect any glamor though, because at Beach Shack Tioman, less is more.

That said, if, like us, you're a surfer and you're looking for a budget (read: bare-bones) beach-front little hut, then I don't think you'll find a place more suitable for you then Beach Shack Tioman.

And, since Beach Shack Tioman is right along Juara Beach, you'll be loving Beach Shack Tioman from day 1. It's not for nothing that Time Magazine voted Juara Beach Top 21 Beach in the world.

Indelible Juara sunrise at Beach Shack Tioman
Indelible Juara sunrise at
Beach Shack Tioman

But Top 21 Beach in the world notwithstanding, there are plenty of other reasons to love Beach Shack Tioman.

For starters, Beach Shack Tioman is run by the most laid-back couple ever, Tim and Lisa, who, surprise surprise, love to surf. In fact, a quick glance at all their surfing trophies and you know that these two know their surfing. And they have chosen their holiday location wisely, because, apart from being drop-dead beautiful, Juara also sports some pretty gnarly surf every now and again.

Granted, at 6 foot or more, the best surf occurs during the monsoon months, but throughout the rest of the year, every so often, conditions in Juara Bay are just right for some decent swell to roll in. So when you see a few decent barrels, have a go. You can even take some surfing lessons. Just ask Tim for details.

The room you'll get at Beach Shack Tioman is pretty basic. There's no hot-water shower here and no air-con. However, there are fans and these, together with the perpetual sea breeze, do a decent job at keeping things cool.

Families can opt for the two rooms that are connected by a common doorway. By the way, Beach Shack Tioman is awesome for kids, because, well, your front yard is a beach. Enough said.

But for those, young or old, who want to venture out a bit, there's plenty of activities to do at or near Beach Shack Tioman. For instance, you could visit the Juara Turtle Project, which is a great place to see all good things being done by volunteers to help maintain the turtle populations around this area.

Beach Shack Tioman will gladly assist you if you want to go for a jungle trek, a fishing outing, an SUP, kayaking or a snorkeling expedition. Or, if all that seems like way too much work, you can laze away your day in one of the hammocks. Anything goes at Beach Shack Tioman.

Does Beach Shack Tioman have any drawbacks? Well, wi-fi is a little spotty at times. And actually getting at Beach Shack Tioman is a bit of a mission, given the bus to Mersing, the ferry to Tekek and then the final 4x4 hop to Juara.

But you know what? Beach Shack Tioman is worth it. And then some!

Tip: This is what Time Magazine had to say about Juara Beach:"Less developed and less polished than Thailand, Tioman Island's Juara Beach brings an all-natural, quiet vibe to the beach experience. Beach Shack Tioman isn't the place for parties or nightlife, unless you like your parties hushed and your nightlife non-human." It pretty much sums it all up, i.e. Juara rules. The other tip I'd give all those who are keen to stay here is to book in advance. The number of units available at Beach Shack Tioman is really too modest to count on a successful walk-in.