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Diving Anambas

The Anambas Archipelago is a bit of an enigma. It's remote, yet accessible. It's Indonesian, yet it sits east of Peninsular Malaysia. It's pretty much unknown around the world, yet it offers some of the most beautiful natural treasures in the world today. To wit: Pulau Bawah

In fact, located just 200 miles or so from Singapore, Anambas is without a question of a doubt South-East Asia's last remaining hidden paradise.

Think a collection of over 200 palm-fringed and tropical jungle-clad bounty islands, only a handful of which inhabited, surrounded by a sea so clear and so blue, the region has been dubbed Asia's Maldives.

Just adjacent to the Coral Triangle, coral gardens abound In Anambas in various shapes, sizes and colors. As it happens, the density of coral species in Anambas has been ascertained through Biological surveys to be higher than even Great Barrier Reef's coral stretches. Only the Raja Ampat reefs have more coral species per unit surface area than Anambas. Of course Raja Ampat, whilst certainly compelling, is now no longer affordable.

But Anambas, being the untouched and certainly as yet unexplored paradise that it is, still has affordable diving. And some of its diving spots have to be seen to be believed.

Because Anambas is what happens when you have underwater eco-systems where man, for all practical purposes, has not yet been, let alone left its mark. This stunning sun-kissed archipelago is in some ways a throw-back to a time when there were still swatches of land and sea waiting to be discovered.

It's safe to say that Anambas is a unique diving experience.

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