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Five Stars

Over the years, the Five Stars bus service has become a bit of an institution in coach transport, especially to Mersing. The iconic brightly-colored coaches seem to be on the forefront of everyone's mind when thinking of a coach to take you and your friends between Singapore and Malaysia reliably and comfortably. Going to Tioman? The first name that comes to mind is "Five Stars".

The reason for this high degree of mind-share and recognizability is the result of the excellent reputation that Five Stars enjoys. Five Stars has been transporting passengers from Singapore to Malaysia and from Malaysia to Singapore for many years. A solid and experienced provider of bus transport, Five Stars is attractively-priced as well.

If you prefer to travel in style and comfort without necessarily exceeding your budget, then Five Stars fits the bill.

Why Five Stars? Well, for starters, Five Stars' passengers seats are designed ergonomically, not only in terms of comfort, but also in terms of on-the-road entertainment. Not only are Five Stars' passenger seats equipped with a personal entertainment system, headset included, but seat position can be electronically adjusted according to individual preference. It goes without saying that seat width and leg space allow for plenty of comfort too.

The Five Stars coach to Mersing, as well as countless other holiday destinations, can be booked online safely, securely and conveniently.

Quite probably the most popular route is that between Singapore and Mersing, the traditional jumping point to Tioman Island.

You can catch the Five Stars bus, or, more correctly, Five Stars coach, through The One. After having booked your trip, all you need to do is make your way to Golden Mile on the day of your departure. You will be handed your bus tickets after presenting the Five Stars counter staff with your booking confirmation email. This conformation email is sent to you immediately after completing your online booking.

By the way, Golden Mile is another name synonymous with touring to Mersing and Tioman Island, as it's been the meeting/departure point for bus journeys to Mersing for Tioman-revelers since the 1980's. So you can be sure that the collective experience of the Five Stars staff will see you right. Any questions? By all means ask them anything you like. You're bound to get a comprehensive answer.

Now, once you've been handed your bus tickets and you have no further questions, just head to the bus, which is parked just opposite the Five Stars office. Find your seat and make yourself comfortable.

Bon voyage.

Note: The Five Stars bus company has no relationship with Fivestars Tours Pte Ltd, a company that used to go by the same name but that, rather infamously, folded rather ignominiously several years ago.