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Marina Bay Resort and Restaurant

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Marina Bay Resort and Restaurant
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Feedback from an actual Marina Bay Resort and Restaurant guest

We heard about Marina Bay Resort and Restaurant from some friends who had stayed in Genting Kampong before. They told us that Marina Bay Resort and Restaurant is a budget-type accommodation and they were not wrong.

As with all budget accommodations, there are upsides and downsides, depending on your budget, expectations, and tolerance.

Bottom line, for Marina Bay Resort and Restaurant, we found that Marina Bay Resort and Restaurant delivered on its promise, which was to keep a roof over our heads, a bed under our sleeping bodies, along with a budget-variety of amenities, all of it wrapped up in a budget-level price.

In spite of the budget category, however, we found Marina Bay Resort and Restaurant's location quite good. Marina Bay Resort and Restaurant sits on a hill slope and faces the beach (Read: seaview). What's more, the chalets we stayed in were rather charming, as they were fashioned in typical Malay style.

But it gets better, because the rooms offer air-con and a separate bathroom that comes with a hot-water shower. Not that we were ever going to use it, but for those who can't live without, we also had a tv in our room. One of our rooms even had a little balcony-type porch, which was very welcome, given the lazy evening moods that seemed prevalent in our group :)

By the way, the beds provided were above par. No aching backs, juttings springs or constants groaning of the bed frame with every move. We all slept well.

For those who want to venture a bit further afield, there are restaurants and provisions shops in Genting, all within walking distance. You can even do a walk-in at any of the dive outfits. We were welcome to arrange a few ad-hoc scuba dives.

But for the not-so adventurously-inclined, snorkeling is possible too, as well as island-hopping. Just inquire at the Marina Bay Resort and Restaurant reception for details. The Marina Bay Resort and Restaurant was pleasant and very forthcoming.

As the name implies, Marina Bay Resort and Restaurant is not only a great place to stay but a good spot to enjoy some nice local meals as well. The restaurant is also the common place to tap into their wi-fi.

Tips: If you've always wanted to get your PADI licence, this is the time to do it. Tioman is great for diving, but it also offers some of the lowest rates to do the full-on PADI Open Water course. Another tip: bring some bug spray. Kampong Genting is one of the villages in Tioman that's still exudes a wonderful old-world tranquillity. However, it sits pretty much flush against a jungle that is the real deal. So you have to share the living space with a few species of the many-legged variety; a small price to pay for the village's blissful serenity. By the way, Marina Bay Resort and Restaurant can be booked on Agoda.

[Edit: Marina Bay Resort & Restaurant used to be called Ayer Raja Tioman Resort. And before that, it was called Tioman Yatch Resort.]