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Royal Belum State Park

Royal Belum State Park - The untouched jungle where time stood still

Want to book your bus tickets to Royal Belum State Park online? Use below form for real-time bus reservations. Select "Penang" for your destination. From here, you'll be able to take a taxi to Royal Belum State Park. NOTE: Peak season is June till August!

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Royal Belum State Park, located in the state of Perak, is part of the Belum-Temengor jungle complex and has been estimated at over 130 million years old, older than even the great Amazon Basin.

Due to Royal Belum State Park's size and remoteness, this jungle region is home to no fewer than 10 distinct species of hornbill birds and over 3000 species of flowering plants, including the (in)famously malodorous Rafflesia, which at about 1 meter across, sports the worlds largest flower.

In fact, Royal Belum State Park is a veritable cache of countless animal and plant species and serves as the natural habitat for more than 10 of the world's most threatened mammals, including the Malayan Tiger and the Sumatran Rhinoceros.

If this isn't reason enough for a visit, then you can check out the Orang Asli, the aboriginals people that live here, or try to book a slot at one of the wildlife observation towers or one of the natural salt lick locations, where various animals, seemingly addicted to the minerals found here, flock together to get their regular fix. Then again, if water-based activities are more your thing, then awaken the inner Tarazan or Jane in you by having a go at bamboo rafting, a unique experience that will make for riveting watercooler stories.

The above being said, do please note that Royal Belum State Park is a protected area and, as such, you will be needing a permit from the Perak State Park Corporation (a.k.a. Perbadanan Taman Negeri Perak) in order to enter. Overseas travelers need a copy of their passport. The application is best submitted with about a week's notice.

If you'd like to travel to Royal Belum State Park on a budget and you have plenty of time, as well as an interest in out-of-the-way villages, authentic Malaysian dishes and stunning panorama views from your window seat, then nothing beats taking the bus to Royal Belum State Park.