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Simukut Hill View

Welcome to Simukut Hill View
Welcome to Simukut Hill View

Feedback from an actual Simukut Hill View guest

Simukut Hill View isn't billed as such, but staying at this lodging is as good as a homestay experience. After all, the way you live is pretty much identical to the way the Mukut villagers live.

The chalets are quite basic, Swiss Family Robinson basic even. That's to say, there's no air-con and no hot water. If this is not an issue to you, then you will love Simukut Hill View.

Click here to book your Simukut Hill View room, swiftly, safely and securely
Click here to book your Simukut Hill
View room, swiftly, safely and securely

But truth be told, even if you prefer air-con and a hot water shower, then you'll probably still love Simukut Hill View, because the views here, as well as the blissful tranquillity of village life by the sea, are a wonderful experience.

The sea was less than a pebble's throw away from our room and it's so clear and blue that you can barely take your gaze way from it. Snorkeling along the Simukut Hill View beach was a real joy, because there's a lot of marine flora and fauna to see, probably the result of Simukut Hill View being quite a ways away from the more populated parts of Tioman. We even saw a few small sharks!

Clearly then, Simukut Hill View is not for traveler keen to partake in nightlife, para-sailing, banana-boating, or all the other organized mass-activities that you see in many of the resorts in Thailand, for instance.

However, Simukut Hill View is ideal for those who are looking for a less-is-more bounty island experience. Staying at Simukut Hill View is a bit like being on the US reality show Survival. Minus the lack of food hardship of course.

But, like the contestants, you wake up and fall asleep to the sound of the waves and the wind in the trees. And how you get through your days is pretty similar too, i.e. doing as little as possible, whilst soaking up the country life of yesteryear that defines Simukut Hill View to this day.

However, that being said, do note that there are a few activities that you can engage in, all involving Simukut Hill View's breathtaking natural surroundings. For example, we went for a trek into the jungle and visited the Mukut waterfall. It's not all that easy an excursion, but the experience is so worth it.

If you're keen to scubadive, you can catch a boat to the next kampong, Paya, which offers a dive outfit that caters to leisure divers and PADI wannabes. If you have your O.W. you'll be taken, as we were, to a tiny island called Renggis, just up north a bit from Paya.

Diving here was very rewarding, because of the clarity of the water, the countless little fishes and the colorful coral patches.

To sum it all up, Simukut Hill View cons: hard to get to, costly boat-ride, meals could be a bit more varied. Pros: idyllic village life, ensconced between azure-blue sea and a lush emerald tropical jungle, close to nature, paradise beach, away from the crowds, awesome local food, friendly villagers, affordable.

Tip: Factor in the boat ride rates from Genting Jetty to the village of Mukut, because these are proportionately high, as compared to the average Simukut Hill View trip budget total. It's a pity the boat ride cost is this high. Then again, perhaps it's just the deterrent needed to keep this pretty little corner of Tioman as idyllic as it is now. By the way, even though the meals at Simukut Hill View are tasty, they're a bit pricey compared to the eateries at the village. So we ended up alternating between the two. Lastly, Simukut Hill View is not the commercial type of lodging; no further rooms are planned. Once the few Simukut Hill View rooms, are booked, that's it. In other words, better book reasonably far in advance. For instance online through the hotel website Agoda.