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Tanah Merah to Tioman

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Until about 2005, the Tanah Merah Ferry used to take passengers direct from Singapore, specifically, the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, to Tioman Island.

The cost of taking this Tanah Merah ferry to Tioman was S$150-170 for a return trip and S$92-102 for a one-way trip, depending on the season. Kids traveled at S$100-110 or S$60-70, respectively, again, depending on the season. Infants' rates were S$24 for a round-trip and S$12 for a one-way, regardless of the season.

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Needless to say, in spite of the fairly high ticket price, this Tanah Merah ferry service was quite convenient for Tioman travelers departing from Singapore.

In fact, since the Tanah Merah Ferry only took about 3 hours to reach its destination, the ticket cost was money well spent, given the hefty savings in time. Departure time of the Tanah Merah Ferry from Singapore to Tioman was 8.35 am. From Tioman to Singapore, the departure time was 2.30 pm.

The Singapore-flagged Tanah Merah ferry vessel used was originally called "Coastal Cruise" (IMO 9134737) after it was built in 1996, but was later more aptly re-named the Penguin Tioman.

The Penguin Tioman's Gross Tonnage was 255t, its draught was 1.5 meter and its Summer DWT was 50t. Penguin Tioman's total length was 35.0 meters and its beam was 7.0 meters.

Although officially, the Penguin Tioman was a Ro-Ro/Passenger ship, it never really saw any Ro-Ro action during its Tioman service, for obvious reasons. The Penguin Tioman's top speed was 17 knots, its average speed about 16 knots. Penguin Tioman's whereabouts are currently unknown.

Please note that you may still come across websites proclaiming that this Tanah Merah to Tioman Ferry service still exists. However, this is no longer the case.