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Swiss Francs and the Tioman Bonanza

If you're one of the lucky people who earns their salary in Swiss Francs or have a princely sum of Swiss Francs stashed away, then you're in luck. Your holidays abroad have just become cheaper as a result of the recent unpegging of the CHF with the EUR.

This currency move means your holidays are now up to 30% cheaper than they were before the Swiss central bank decision to let go of the peg. For these lucky CHF cash-rich travelers, their holiday money will go further this year than ever before.

Bargains aplenty

Swiss Franc earning holidaymakers can now grab a real bargain if they pick the right spots in Malaysia, such as Tioman Island. Everything now costs less, up to 30% less in fact, when spending Swiss Francs overseas.

Whether, hotels, resorts, a scuba diving course, snorkeling trip, restaurant meals, renting a car, even that blissful all-body spa massage you were always keen to try. Everything now will cost you about 30% less - a real holiday bonanza!

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Clearly, if you're looking to spend some of your CHF windfall and were thinking of visiting The Far East, Malaysia in particular, then now is the time to do it. Not only is Malaysia a unique country to spend your holidays in, but now you can do it at a fraction of the price it cost before.

Now more than ever, Malaysia boleh :)