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Feedback from an actual Sea Side Chalet guest

If you really want to get away from it all, as in, completely cut off from the civilized world, then there aren't a lot of places that can hold a candle to Sea Side Chalet. Not only is Sea Side Chalet not served by the main ferry from Mersing, but it's also not really a hotel in the strictest sense of the word. Sea Side Chalet is a bit like a blend between a chalet and homestead in an authentic fishing village.

Sea Side Chalet is located in Kampung Mukut, which is arguably the last real remaining fishing village in Tioman. Its authentic mood and traditional feel are quite unique in Tioman, where most of the island's other kampungs have by now transitioned to full-on tourism-dependent. To be sure, Tioman is still as awesome as ever, but it's nice to see that there is still a pocket of the Tioman of yore.

Now, being off the beaten track is great, but does have its drawbacks of course. For one thing, you'll need to make your own way from the main ferry jetty in Genting to Mukut, either by hopping on a water taxi or by requesting for a ride from one of the Mukut sampans. Cost varies from MR 60 per person to MR 300 per boat ride, depending on the number of passengers. This seems costly and it is, but we found out that it's the going rate around Tioman.

The other thing is that once you're in Mukut, there aren't a lot of places you can go without renting the sampan again. That being said, if all you want is to get away from it all for a couple of days, who cares about going anywhere when you have your room, a place to eat and a breathtaking beach, surrounded by a stunning panorama, right at your front door? We sure didn't :)

Now, in true kampung style, the chalets are basic, but clean and the food served is great if you're into local dishes. Best part is that the Sea Side Chalet staff are ever so laid-back and super helpful too. We asked for little extras like sliced fresh fruit, English tea instead of the teh tarek that's common in Malaysia and also a set of snorkeling gear, but each time the staff happily obliged, no worries.

Incidentally, if you're looking forward to keeping friends and family updated of your holiday, then you'll be disappointed, because we found out there's no wi-fi to speak of in Sea Side Chalet. Truth be told though, in hindsight, it was quite a blessing to not have the constant urge to go online the whole day. You just don't think about things like the news, the economy or the football scores when you know you're cut off. It's ever so liberating.

Other great things about Sea Side Chalet are the awesome hikes, the beach BBQ, the fishing, the air-con (Trust me, it's hot in this neck of the woods) and of course, the snorkeling, which is superb here. Don't miss out on the snorkeling. But slip, slap, slop!

All the above being said, I'm not sure if we'd come back Sea Side Chalet. Not that we didn't have a wonderful time, but I think that it probably wouldn't be as special as it was the first time. We'll cherish the memories instead.

Tip: If you can't stomach too much chili, best you mention this when you order your food, because most meals served at Sea Side Chalet contain a generous serving of chili. If you're looking to bring a dog or a cat, alas, pets are not permitted on Tioman. For those looking to secure a room in advance, click Agoda. Or call direct on 019 9850369 Last-minutes available. No booking fee.

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Paradise in Kampung Mukut - Sea Side Chalet
Paradise in Mukut - Sea Side Chalet

Great value for money rooms at Sea Side Chalet
Great value for money room
at Sea Side Chalet

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