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Feedback from an actual Mukut Coral Resort guest

Tioman Mukut Coral Resort is documented here and there as a 2-star hotel, but in actual fact, this is quite generous. Mind you, that's not to say that it doesn't hold its own in Tioman's budget lodgings stakes, because it most certainly does.

In fact, when I was at Mukut Coral Resort with my group of mates, we had an absolute whale of a time. Then again, none of us is much of a party animal, so Mukut Coral Resort and us go well together.

Mukut Coral Resort is not the place to be if you're into the nightlife vibe, thumping clubs and alcohol-powered raves. Simply put, you won't find any of these within a massive radius. What Mukut Coral Resort does offer, is a virtually private beach, the clearest sea water this side of the Maldives and breathtaking panoramas whichever way you turn.

Incidentally, Lonely Planet visited Mukut Coral Resort and ended up recommending it. And recommendations don't really come much more solid than that.

Rooms at Mukut Coral Resort are fully air-conditioned and they come with a en-suite bathroom, inclusive of hot-water shower. The water pressure isn't the greatest in the world, but I've heard it said that this is the case for most accommodations in Tioman. It's something to do with the shortage of fresh water, i.e. they need to conserve. Fair enough. Oh, by the way, we also had a tv in the room.

The bed at Mukut Coral Resort was a good-sized double, plenty firm and good for a very restful night's sleep. Actually, one thing I noticed is that you tend to sleep very soundly here. I'm not sure if it's the sea breeze, the rhythmic lapping of the surf onto the beach, or perhaps the nippy jungle air. Whatever it was, it was awesome.

Where Mukut Coral Resort really stands out is the compound's gorgeous environment. The area is peppered with sturdy coconut and mango trees, which lend the place and absolutely idyllic feel. It's like strolling around an episode of Swiss Family Robinson, quite magical.

If you're the type that wants to venture out of their comfort zone, then rest assured, because you can. You can go on various excursions, such as trekking to the jungle and waterfall, island-hopping, fishing outings. Also, there's snorkeling equipment for rent and there's scuba diving facilities too. And for the landlubbers, there's a volleyball court, which we played with the locals and actually was a lot of fun.

Food-wise, we had both the local and western dishes that Mukut Coral Resort offers at their (sea-view) restaurant. But the piece de resistance was the Mukut Coral Resort beach BBQ. In a word, fantabulous!

Any downsides to Mukut Coral Resort at all? Well, Mukut Coral Resort doesn't have a jetty, nor, indeed, the people traffic that the resorts in Tioman's main villages do have. This means the ferry to Tioman doesn't stop at Mukut direct, i.e. you need to disembark at Genting Jetty, the ferry's first stop, and then make your way to Mukut Coral Resort by little sampan boat.

But while you're booking your room, you can ask the Mukut Coral Resort staff to arrange for a pick-up from Genting. Now. lest you think, this is all a bit too bothersome, Mukut Coral Resort very remoteness is also part of the reason why it's so blissfully serene. Enough said :)

Tip: Lonely Planet's thumbs up, together with the Mukut Coral Resort's modest room capacity, make for a perpetual shortage of rooms. In other words, if you're thinking of staying at Mukut Coral Resort, you better not count on scoring a walk-in booking. It's unlikely. Instead, I advise you think ahead. Last-minutes available. No booking fee.

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Welcome to Mukut Coral Resort
Welcome to Mukut Coral Resort

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Book your Mukut Coral Resort online

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