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Feedback from an actual Tioman Restu Chalet guest

We arrived in Tioman Restu Chalet on a weekday in July but it was nice and busy. I suspect it was due to the school holidays. Either way, we'd booked our rooms in advance, so no worries there.

Restu Chalet is located on a sweet and cosy patch of Tioman's ABC Village; some even say that ABC is the prettiest part of Tioman. And whilst we haven't been to the other villages in Tioman, we found it hard to argue with that opinion. It really is stunning there. Yet, with the jetty just 5 minutes away, getting from the ferry to our little home away from home and back was a breeze, even with the kids in tow.

We'd picked the rooms, two Family Rooms, that are surrounded by a green area, because these tend to be cooler than the other more exposed rooms. We also chose the air-conditioner and non-smoking options, because our kids can't really stand any lingering cigarette smoke.

Both rooms were perfect, clean and spacious. We also had a nice patio or terrace area that we used to while away the sunset hours. Sure, the set-up is a little basic, but that's what you go for when you opt for this price bracket. Mostly, we loved Tioman Restu Chalet for its true and sincere feel, which isn't something we can always say for the bigger hotel chains. Then again, to each his own I suppose.

The information about Tioman Restu Chalet in said that this hotel is one of the better rated ones when it comes to value for money, so if you're into a good, clean, yet fairly-priced stay in Tioman Island, then Tioman Restu Chalet is definitely something to have a closer look at. By the way, in spite of the attractive room rate, the room still came with Wi-Fi and towels too.

Now, if you're going to go traveling with kids as well, then it's good to note that the beach is no more than a stone's throw away. To us, this meant daily snorkeling sessions and a few simple fishing trips too, which were great, because there's so many fish around. We released all our catches of course, but having a little crack with our hand lines was exciting fun.

There's also a bicycle rental place at Tioman Restu Chalet and we rented two bikes for the duration of our stay at Tioman Restu Chalet, so we had these available at all times when we were keen for a lazy ride during the mornings and late afternoon, when the temperature was lower than the middle part of the day.

The other useful feature of Tioman Restu Chalet is that it has a little provisions shop on its grounds. This shop became our go-to place each time we got the munchies for a packet of crisps or some sweets. But the shop also stocks things like milk, sea, plasters, mosquito repellant and sun block, all of which pretty indispensable when vacationing with kids.

Tioman Restu Chalet does exactly what was promised: offer a pleasant room in a pleasant environment, gorgeous sun-kissed beach included. The kids loved it. And that means that we loved it too :)

Tip: Some of the guests at Tioman Restu Chalet said they hadn't booked in advance and that it's not required, but I think that it makes less sense to chance it, especially with kids. FYI, Tioman Restu Chalet can be booked on Last-minutes available. No booking fee.

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Welcome to Tioman Restu Chalet

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Thank you for your very clear reply. It is such a relief to correspond with someone who understands!
"Thank you for your very clear reply.
It is such a relief to correspond with
someone who understands!"
The view from our main deck
The view from our main deck
Breathtaking multi-hued sceneries are guaranteed at our resort
Breathtaking multi-hued sceneries
are guaranteed at our resort
Expedition Robinson was here
Expedition Robinson was here

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