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Feedback from an actual Barat Tioman guest

My wife and I are Tioman regulars and whilst we've tried accommodations on just about every one of Tioman's nooks and crannies, the past several years, we've been staying at Berjaya, in Tekek. It's simply the most comprehensive resort, offering a complete package at an acceptable price.

However, we always realized that by not staying at the east coast of Tioman, we're actually selling ourselves short. This side of the island, after all, is without exaggeration one of Tioman's most breathtaking, not only for its still pristine bay, but also because its still only thinly dotted with accommodations, most of them home-grown and with a tendency to lean on the backpackers market.

With the arrival of Barat Tioman, clearly, the accommodations bar in Juara Kampong is raised by several factors. And with this in mind, we booked our room at Barat Tioman.

Barat Tioman officially opened its compound door to the public in 2017. To say that we were impressed is an understatement. The resort's design, ambiance, the wide range of amenities and, of course, Juara's spectacular setting, are all a cut above most lodgings here.

It was particularly great to see that Juara, too, now boasts a resort that offers the full package. In fact, not only does Barat Tioman offer the full package, but as far as we're concerned, it earns kudos all-around.

Let's go into a little more detail.

Obviously, since Barat Tioman was opened just over a month ago, the entire resort is brand new. So everything you see, touch and use is, well, new. Now, whilst this new sparkle is something that won't last for ever, we feel that, given the eye-pleasing and durable materials used, the full-on budget and serious dedication to quality that, quite clearly, were lavished on Barat Tioman, this resort has set the standard afresh. Barat Tioman is a keeper.

We, for one, will be staying at Barat Tioman more frequently.

Barat Tioman is a beach front property and with a beach the likes of Juara's, this counts double. Our room was, naturally, air-con and had a private bathroom attached, featuring a hot-water shower, a bidet and a hot tub, awesome.

Our room also had a ceiling fan, coffee-making facilities, as well as a balcony to enjoy. We thoroughly enjoyed our hot cuppa during our daily lazy late evening hang-out routine.

For entertainment, there's a wide-screen tv and a digital stash of movies. But if you prefer to be outdoors, there's a sun-bathing terrace and a pleasant-looking pool in the middle of the Barat Tioman compound.

Barat Tioman offers plenty of organized activities as well, both land-based and sea-based. All we had to do was ask any of the friendly staff to set us up and in no-time we were in the thick of things. Excellent service!

Conclusion: It's good to see that Juara now offers a resort of the calibre of Berjaya. My wife and I feel the two resorts are neck and neck in the comfort and indulgence sweepstakes. Sure, Berjaya may trump Barat Tioman in accessibility, but Barat Tioman beats Berjaya in the seclusion and stunning surroundings departments. The fact that Barat Tioman is spanking new and some of Berjaya's rooms are getting on a bit could well sway holiday-makers to opt for Barat Tioman.

Tip: Barat Tioman has quite a few rooms, but we still decided to book our room through and it turned out to be a wise decision. Apparently, Barat Tioman is already in demand. I'm sure this is in part the result of their great word-of-mouth, as well as the fact that the property is set in Juara, which, we later heard, was labelled one of the world's best beaches by CNN. If you, too, want to book Barat Tioman with, you can click here. Prefer Agoda? Click here. Last-minutes available. No booking fee.

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Welcome to Barat Tioman
Welcome to Barat Tioman

Book your Barat Tioman room now
Book your Barat Tioman room now

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