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Feedback from an actual Dumba Bay Resort guest

We stayed at Dumba Bay Resort, because we needed a simple roof over our heads while on our scuba-diving safari. For this purpose, Dumba Bay Resort is the ideal kind of resort: cheap and basic. For us, since we spend most of our day out at sea, Dumba Bay Resort suffices.

But that doesn't mean that Dumba Bay Resort doesn't offer more, because it does. For starters, it's a great get-away location. If what you want is some time away from the constant din of the city. If you're looking for a little sea-side escape. Dumba Bay Resort is just what the doctor ordered, a pristine little corner on the paradise island that is Tioman.

Our room faced the beach front, which was breathtaking, as the sea and beach really are as beautiful as you see in the Tioman brochures. In fact, we spent most of our evenings nursing a cold drink, feet-up on our little porch, just gazing at the scenery in front of us. Talk about unwinding. Simply blissful...

But we also found that there's quite a few less laid-back activities you can do around Dumba Bay Resort. For instance, the day we didn't go scuba-diving, we went on an angling trip, did a spot of canoeing and also went for a short jungle trek, just behind the chalets, in the jungle that fringes the resort. All of these outdoor activities were organized by Dumba Bay Resort tour desk, quite promptly too, I might add. So well done and thank you to the Dumba Bay Resort manager. A great time was had :)

Now, whilst the rooms at Dumba Bay Resort are clean and cozy, it's probably best not to expect anything too fancy. After all, we're talking budget here. That said, if you want your room to have air-con, a fan, cable tv and tea/coffee-making facilities, then all of these can be provided. That is, subject to availability of course. By the way, the bathroom is attached and offers hot water round-the-clock.

In-house dining options include the Dumba Bay Resort restaurant, which isn't only a convenient spot to have a meal but actually serves really nice local cuisine too. However, if you want to try some other dishes, then there are more eateries not too far down the track from Dumba Bay Resort that you can try out. Incidentally, you can have a BBQ on the beach if you like. We asked the manager to prepare the bits and pieces and had an absolutely awesome time that evening.

Dumba Bay Resort offers wi-fi but, understandably, given Tioman's satellite connection, it's not all that fast. Still, it was enough for us to update our Facebook page and catch up with our emails to back home.

So yeah, in conclusion, for us, Dumba Bay Resort had pretty much everything we needed and, given its favorable price/quality, we're quite likely to be back.

Tip: Please note that pets are not permitted on the Dumba Bay Resort compound. By the way, Dumba Bay Resort is on Agoda and I recommend not waiting too long before booking your room, because there are not a lot of chalets here. Oh, and if you're interested in photography, then you'll love Dumba Bay Resort, because it's a constant coming and going of all kinds of wildlife, large and small. Lastly, there are a few souvenir shops nearby. Last-minutes available. No booking fee.

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Dumba Bay Resort's beautiful beach front
Dumba Bay Resort's beautiful beach front

Book your Dumba Bay Resort room here
Book your Dumba Bay Resort room here

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