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Feedback from an actual Ella's Place guest

I took my partner to a weekend of R&R in Tioman and whilst strolling along the beach in Salang, we stumbled upon Ella's Place. We instantly took a liking to the lush greenery bordering the adjacent rainforest and the pretty beach front.

But what really hooked us were Ella's Place's cute wooden cabins, Swiss Family Robinson style. In fact, mere minutes after arriving, we'd booked for 2 nights, on the spot. Followed by 2 extra nights extension. I guess that's all the review you need really.

Our cabin came a with an aircon unit, a mosquito net and a dressing table. It also had an attached bathroom. Both room and bathroom were clean and quite spacious. In addition, there was a complimentary roll of TP. Please note that although we did have air con, the shower was cold water only.

The best part of the deal at Ella's Place is the little cabin patio. This patio has 2 comfy chairs and it faces the sea.... you do the maths. (Hint: the sweeping views are spectacular!)

Ella's Place is being run by Ella's family and we found all family members to be very laid-back and helpful. They also whipped up a wicked breakfast on request. Highly recommended.

But there are other eateries and even a pub or two within a few minutes' walk, so no worries about finding decent food and drink around Salang.

Now, there's plenty of other aspects of Ella's Place that we liked. For one thing, you get free wifi and in our case, it reached all the way into our room. Bliss. But if your room is an out-of-reach one, then just make your way to one of Ella's Place's coconut tree hammocks to keep in touch with friends and family back home.

You may want to do more than just laze round the whole day, especially since the immediate surroundings offer so much beauty. You can ask any of Ella's family members to arrange a jungle hike for you.

We went for a 2 hour trek that was quite something. It was like being in one of those old Johnny Weismuller Tarzan movies. The jungle in Tioman is so dense, there's isn't even a real track. And the constant noise the wildlife makes is amazing. This is real jungle.

We also went for a snorkeling excursion. I guess there's no way you can not go snorkeling when in Tioman. Our guide took us to Coral Island and Renggis Island. The sea water at both spots was clear as gin and we saw coral and fish everywhere. It's quite remarkable to see a thriving coral garden when you consider that you're barely a few hours out of Singapore.

In a nutshell, I think that Ella's Place is probably the best budget place to stay in Salang. The cabin we were in was both clean and affordable, and because Ella's Place is the second-last accommodation on Salang's beach, the area is quite secluded and ever so tranquil.

Frankly, Ella's Place is a little Tioman paradise.

Tip: At the time of writing, Ella's Place is strictly walk-in only, but by now they may be bookable online as well. If not, then just head out to Salang and hope for the best. If you're one of the lucky ones to find Ella's Place still has rooms available, get an aircon one. It's really not bearable in a fan-only room. It's just too hot, trust me. FYI, Ella's Place offers free wi-fi. All other hostels in Salang charge for wifi, even if you're their guest. Lastly, Lonely Planet lists Ella's Place as one of Tioman's recommended accommodations, a status that is not bestowed lightly. Last-minutes available. No booking fee.

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Welcome to Ella's Place
Welcome to Ella's Place

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Book your Ella's Place room now

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