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Feedback from an actual Juara Lagoon Resort guest

Granted, Juara Lagoon Resort isn't the most accessible bed and breakfast hostel in Tioman. But therein lies one of its most alluring draws: it's unrivaled isolated secludedness. Staying on Juara Lagoon Resort, effectively, is like being marooned on a gorgeous desert island. Juara Lagoon Resort provided us just the right bare necessities to make our stay the idyllic paradise getaway that it was.

Juara Lagoon Resort is the very last place on the southern end of the Juara beach, so, yes, it's a bit of a mission to get there. We took the ferry from Mersing, got off at Tekek Village, on the east coast of Tioman, and from there, we hopped on a Jeep that took us cross-Tioman, to the west coast, i.e. Juara Village. We then got a lift as far as we could, before legging our way to the Juara Turtle Project. Juara Lagoon Resort is about 100 meters behind that. All in all, quite a journey...

But once we'd spotted Juara Lagoon Resort's colorful chalets and its rows of countless canoes, laid out neatly along the beach, we were sold. The unhurried pace that awaited us was simply divine.

Actually, as I understand it, the purpose of Juara Lagoon Resort is to serve as an off-campus field-trip location for one of the international schools in Singapore. But apart from a few intrepid travelers, we hardly saw any people during our stay at Juara Lagoon Resort. Perhaps this added to the almost dream-like mood, along with the relaxed ambiance and breathtaking tropical vistas of course.

As for our actual cabana, it was clean, well-maintained, albeit quite elementary. We had two beds, a fan and a wee attached bathroom. That's it. Then again, out there, this was all we needed. But, most heavenly of all, was our charming little balcony, complete with two comfy chairs. Sea-facing, no less! As you can imagine, many a night was spent sipping a cold drink, gazing into the starry night. This is what life is all about, sheer undiluted bliss.

We found the owners of Juara Lagoon Resort very helpful and knowledgeable of the area. They arranged a snorkeling trip for us to a few islands along the west coast of Tioman, as well as a jungle-trek to a lovely little waterfall not too far away from Juara Lagoon Resort. Both outings were quite entertaining, as well as interesting. Our guide, whose name was "Erwan", was an official nature ranger and he knew a ton of interesting little known facts about Tioman and its wildlife. He was a walking Wikipedia. Hat's off to Erwan!

So to conclude this review of Juara Lagoon Resort, we loved our cozy wooden little cabin right by the sea, as well as the simply wonderful location at the secluded end of this gorgeous bay. And the hospitality of the folks that run Juara Lagoon Resort was nothing short of delightful. I hope Juara Lagoon Resort stays exactly the way it is, so we can come back and be on Cloud Nine all over again. In fact, we've already pencilled in our dates :)

Tip: Some parts of the Juara beach are populated by sand-flies. We got a few nips, but our sun-block turned out to be quite an effective repellant. So make sure you bring some, preferably SPF 50+ or so, because the UV factor at Juara is high. Juara Lagoon Resort has just a few wooden chalets perched along the beach, so walking in without a booking would make no sense. Much better to try and reserve your little Juara Lagoon Resort sanctuary online. The meals at Juara Lagoon Resort are not the best you'll ever have. Better head up to some of the other eateries in Juara. Last but not least, if you're thinking of doing a snorkeling excursion, or a jungle-trek, ask for Erwan. He's awesome. Last-minutes available. No booking fee.

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Welcome to Juara Lagoon Resort
Welcome to Juara Lagoon Resort

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