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Nadia Inn

Nadia Inn is a collection of wooden bungalows that were designed to be beautifully ensconced into the emerald jungle hillside of southern Salang Bay. Nadia Inn is the gorgeous looking resort that you can't miss the moment you enter Salang Bay. Unfortunately, that is all the good that can be said about Nadia Inn.

Sadly, Nadia Inn's awesome hillside chalets and breathtaking location notwithstanding, the resort hasn't had a single room occupied since the day it was completed, around the mid-1990's. Apparently, Nadia Inn couldn't be declared safe by the Tioman's officials in charge, because the resort's foundations didn't meet the building code requirements for hillside construction.

In light of this serious safety issue, Nadia Inn's owner never did receive the permit needed to begin operations of what, undoubtedly, would otherwise have been Salang's most desirable resort. The view from Nadia Inn alone is simply unbeatable:

Nadia Inn, Salang Bay, Tioman

Nadia Inn, a sad tale of lofty ambitions and superb potential, all of which came tumbling down through a simple building code error that by the time it was discovered, was too proliferated to undo, let alone correct.

[Edit: If you're going to visit this part of Salang, note that the wooden footbridge to Nadia Inn that was built over the rocks is still in decent enough condition. It leads all the way up to Nadia Inn's abandoned bungalows, which now, alas, have taken on a rather somber ambience. A word of warning to those keen to have a closer look: better not go all the way up to the top of the hillside, for obvious reasons. Stay safe.]