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Solo Traveller

Are you a solo traveler, either by choice or by chance, looking for a paradise beach holiday that's not only idyllic but safe as well? Then you've found it in Tioman Island.

Tioman's island community isn't only small, but it's tightly-knit too. The islanders living in the handful of kampongs* year-round all know each other like neighbors. Apart from Tioman's gorgeous beaches and crystal-clear seas, solo travelers often choose Tioman for this very reason.

That is to say, there aren't any massive people-churning hotels in Tioman, with countless anonymous staff that consider arrivals as faceless tourists. Instead, in Tioman, the majority of the accommodations are family-owned by the island's villagers. In practice, this translates to Tioman's visitors, especially solo travelers, being appreciated and remembered.

And since most of the kampungs are modestly-sized and accommodation chalets are relatively close together, you'll never have to walk far to go from A to B. There's no need to worry about long unsettling walks at night through jungle or across uneven unlit pathways, because most of the walkways are nearby other chalets.

In short, Tioman is safe.

That said, keep in mind that it's still a good idea to keep your belongings safe when you're leaving your chalet. And locking your windows and doors is always a good habit too.

And speaking of good and bad habits, do note that monkeys around some of the villages in Tioman can get a little cheeky. So best not leave any food on your chalet patio.

Whilst Tioman is loved for its abundant and still-pristine wildlife, most visitors prefer to observe jungle creatures in the jungle. Now, it seems that not all jungle creatures are aware of this, so always keep a look-out for the occasional snake, spider or scorpion that's ventured off its natural habitat.

But, frankly, aside from a few stray but harmless monitor lizards and the obligatory mozzies here and there, you'll rarely spot any creepy-crawlies around the kampungs. Still, keeping your eyes open is a good idea all the same, particularly when you're going off the beaten track.

Bottom line? Solo-travellers love Tioman. And Tioman loves solo-travellers.

*[Edit: kampong = Malay village]