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Tioman long weekends for 2019

This year, 2019, the gods of the long weekend haven't exactly been smiling down on us. Actually, there are only 4 legitimate long weekends this year.

Now, that being said, and not to rub any of our friendly weekend gods the wrong way of course, but it's interesting to note that with just a little bit of tweaking here and there, a pinch of extra leave days to fill up the occasional void, basically, some creative public holiday juggling, the number of long weekends can easily be doubled!

Who would have known that even 2019 would render this many opportunities to holiday? Which of course in our case means unexpected holiday time in Tioman Island?

So here we go, let's holiday smart and take a few extra strategic days off in 2019, so we can go to our little paradise island, Pulau Tioman and live the life.

Mind you, given Tioman's ever-growing popularity amongst both Singaporeans and expatriates alike, it's advisable to book your long weekends way ahead of time, for example with Agoda.

Keep in mind also that the ferry to Tioman is subject to tidal issues, as well as weather, sea state and wind, particularly during the earlier and later months of the year. So booking all the ferry tickets required as early as possible is always a good idea.

But first of all, let's have a look at the public holidays in 2019. Just click your potential long weekend of choice to check availability of Tioman's hotels and resorts. All that needs to be done then is to apply some long weekend magic :)

Click to check availability Click to check availability Click to check availability for these dates Click to check availability for these dates Click to check availability for these dates Click to check availability for these dates Click to check availability for these dates Click to check availability for these dates Click to check availability for these dates Click to check availability for these dates Tioman long weekends for 2019

With all that off-time to be had, the Year of the Dog is looking to be a fun one :)

Need a quick list of tips to ensure your long weekend holiday goes according to plan? Follow below suggestions and you'll be lazing away on your paradise beach before you can say "This is the life".

1. Decide on a type of holiday you need. Tioman, for instance is awesome for snorkeling, scuba diving, jungle trekking or just kicking back on the beach, watching the gorgeous sunsets Tioman is famous for. As well as all the other fun activities you can do here of course.

2. Find a few friends who are just as keen to go to paradise as you. (Tell them about our 9 long weekends secret and they're sure to join you).

3. Check prices of hotels, resorts and of course your transport options.

4. If you're going for the long weekend that requires a leave day, now is the time to apply for that leave.

5. Book your trip. We recommend you don't wait too long before booking, because you're bound to be one of many Tioman travellers keen to make the most of their long weekends.

6. Need to save for your long weekend trip? Best start now. However, with hotel rates as low as they are in Tioman, it's unlikely that budget will be an issue.

7. Countdown. You're all set to go on that dream trip. All that remains is to count the days left :)

8. You're off! Bon voyage and enjoy yourself!