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Mosquitoes in Tioman

Tioman being a tropical island, visitors may every now and then notice they've made a tiny blood donation to the local mosquito population.

However, the mosquito problem is very modest in Tioman, probably due to the presence of numerous natural predators, big and small, that feed on them.

The other reason mosquitoes in Tioman aren't a major problem is the fact that Tioman mozzies tend to come out in the evening, typically a time when most holiday-makers are back in their air-con room, resting from their action-packed day.

Best of all, none of the Tioman mosquito species carry malaria, dengue or any other disease.

Tip: To prevent mosquito bites altogether, turn up the air-con in your room by a notch. Mosquitoes don't like flying in turbulent air currents, particularly when the air is chilled. You can also ask the resort manager for a mosquito net, locally known as a "klamboe".

A klamboe is a great way to present a physical barrier between you and any mosquitoes that did make it into your room. Or, alternatively, apply some insect repellent, such as "Off", available at Mersing Harbour Centre and most provisions shops in Tioman, or any natural insect repellent, such as a citronella-based ointment.