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Feedback from an actual Monte Chalet guest

We stayed at Monte Chalet a weekend because we needed a basic roof over our head whilst going for our full-on scuba safari weekend in Tioman. Monte Chalet serves this purpose perfectly; it's basic, cheap, yet comfy enough. Plus, it has decent wi-fi, so keeping in touch with back home is a cinch.

Monte Chalet's little cluster of rooms is ideally located in the village of Tekek. It sits at the little track that runs parallel to the beach, just to the left of the Tekek Marina. As it's snugly ensconced into some greenery that gradually morphs into the jungle, adjacent, Monte Chalet tends to stay a little cooler than most of Tekek.

Still, that hasn't stopped Monte Chalet's forward-thinking management from including an air-con unit in most rooms. An excellent move, because nothing beats walking into your private little oasis of cool after being out and about in the sun all day.

Monte Chalet is a pretty private little corner of Tekek, so once you're back in your room, you can enjoy the peace. In fact, even during the day, we found it hard not to fall asleep outright, probably the result of the jungle air that tumbles down the mountain slope.

Better yet, at night, and especially at dawn, this same jungle air is dew-laden and positively chilly. But don't get too used to it, because it gets displaced in short order by the sun the moment its rays peek over the mountain ridge. Back to our trusted aircon.

The other Monte Chalet forte is that it has a couple of popular eateries just a stone's throw away. After you exit your room just swing around to your right and follow the gravel road, keeping the little creek to your left, until you hit the T-junction. There's a few provisions shops too here so you won't be out of anything for long.

As I said, Monte Chalet offers wi-fi, and it turned out to be pretty speedy too. That said, things become a bit more stroppy during rain showers. Luckily, these only last an hour or so before blowing over.

Now, if, like us, your main reason to be in Tioman is to scuba-dive, then Monte is a great home-base, because there's a few dive outfits, all just a short stroll away, to choose from, including Tioman Dive Centre, Tioman Reef Divers and East Divers Tioman.

Incidentally, Monte Chalet is run by Sheila and her parents. They all live in the building opposite and we noticed they go about their usual domestic business while we, their guests, come and go. I liked the way our staff was always kept an eye on and the fact there was always someone around when we needed assistance with anything. If you have a question, just knock on their front door, which is pretty much always open.

Tip: Monte Chalet has just half a dozen rooms, so reserve yours timely, especially on weekends, public holidays and school holidays, because Monte Chalet is a hot property amongst scuba-diving types. Look for Monte Chalet on Agoda. If they're not there, they may be fully booked. Plan B is to try their Facebook. By the way, there are non-aircon rooms too at Monte Chalet, but I wouldn't recommend it, even though they're a little cheaper. A little cool sanctuary to pop into every now and again does miracles for your endurance here in Tekek. Without aircon, you could well be drained by 3 pm. Last-minutes available. No booking fee.

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Welcome to Monte Chalet
Welcome to Monte Chalet

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Book your Monte Chalet room now

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