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Feedback from an actual NipahNema Chalets guest

I stayed at NipahNema Chalets with my girlfriend after we'd spent the better part of our 3 week dream holiday meandering through Malaysia, hopping from fancy hotel to swanky resort to posh retreat.

And the amazing thing is that each time we reminisce about our trip, our conclusion is always the same: the days we spent at NipahNema Chalets are without a doubt the highlight of our holiday.

Whilst we thoroughly cherished the 5-star treatment of the early part of our trip and relished the luxury and the pampering, it was only at NipahNema Chalets that we found a home away from home. Only at NipahNema Chalets did we receive true from-the-heart hospitality.

NipahNema Chalets is a fairly new addition to Tioman's full quiver of budget accommodations. And it shows.

The rooms are clean, spacious and comfy, and each one of them has been decorated with great eye for detail. There's no hot-water shower here, so brace yourself. But wow, what a superbly zesty way to start your day in this lovely little paradise.

Incidentally, in the interest of full disclosure, NipahNema has no air-con either. However, that said, the fan in our room did a great job at keeping it cool.

In fact, there were times we actually had to turn it down a notch, as, particularly at night, it got positively nippy, probably the result of the nearby jungle's cooling effect.

There's also no TV or internet at NipahNema Chalets, so if you're the type that's hooked on these, then make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. Then again, for your information, you can always sneak off to Genting Village for a quick fix. Genting is well connected and it's just a quick boat-ride away.

What NipahNema Chalets does offer is priceless. NipahNema Chalets is the place to go for backpackers, budget travelers, nature-lovers, but also for families who value a short get-away, as far removed as possible from MTV, Facebook, Big Macs and dime-a-dozen shopping malls.

NipahNema Chalets also offers a coral garden to snorkel on that's practically your own. It offers undisturbed mangroves, a waterfall, as well as a lush primary jungle, all just outside your back door.

NipahNema Chalets is a perfect sanctuary, where you can disconnect completely, escape to a stunning beach and turquoise sea, or just lounge to your heart's content. Time seems to have no meaning at NipahNema Chalets.

By the way, if you appreciate good food, then you're in for a bonus. Meals here are prepared by a trained chef, Hafiz, who is, in fact, your host and master of everything Tioman, given that he's a born and bred local.

Hafiz and his German wife, Jana, your other host, are actually very knowledgeable on the many natural aspects of the area and they offer tours to those who are keen to explore the environment. You can be sure that you'll come across all kinds of creatures, big and small, of the flying, swimming and terrestrial persuasion.

All in all, as far as we're concerned, NipahNema Chalets is a fantastic one-off, a unique little bounty beach-front property, complete with relaxing atmosphere and perfect hosts.

Tip: Probably the most valuable tip is to book early. NipahNema Chalets only has 5 rooms, so you need to be quick at the draw to secure a room. NipahNema isn't on Agoda, but you can try calling them on +60 107 811 036. Oh, by the way, go for a campfire at night. It is simply awesome. Last-minutes available. No booking fee.

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Welcome to NipahNema Chalets, tropical paradise on Tioman Island
Welcome to NipahNema Chalets,
tropical paradise on Tioman Island

NipahNema Chalets room, your little Tioman sanctuary
NipahNema Chalets room,
your little Tioman sanctuary

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