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Feedback from an actual guest at Salang Beach Resort, now renamed Salang Mutiara Resort

Let's not kid ourselves, Salang Beach Resort isn't a real resort in the true sense of the word. Salang Beach Resort doesn't do up-market, exclusive or any flavor of posh. What Salang Beach does do, is provide a bed, some linen, a roof overhead and a bathroom. Salang Beach Resort also keeps out the weather and the bugs. In short, when it comes to Salang Beach Resort, less is more and that's good enough for me and my scuba diving mates.

So if you're like us, scuba-divers doing a Tour de Tioman, or you're a backpacker and you just need the bare essentials to get you through the night so you can continue the next morning where you left off the evening before, then Salang Beach Resort is perfect for you.

With room rates starting at RM45 per night, Salang Beach Resort is cheap. If ever there was a budget place, Salang Beach Resort is it.

That said, we decided to not slum it this time around, and instead opted for rooms with air-con, which came at a slight premium.

However, there was no hot water in the bathroom, so shower-wise it was back to the kampong days for us. Not that we minded it; after all, being scuba-divers we're used to being drenched by chilly water. In fact, we kind of enjoy the cold-shower experience for its nostalgia value :)

Budget-style Salang Beach Resort may be, you nevertheless do get something priceless, which makes the whole deal a full-on bargain: the magnificent Tioman sunset! I recommend that you take some time to kick back with your friends and drink in the sunsets here; they truly are something else. Nutrition for the soul.

The people that run Salang Beach Resort are generally capable and helpful. We've found that so long as you don't try them on or expect anything extravagant, they're a friendly bunch. They'll even do your laundry for you for a small fee.

Food-wise, Salang Beach Resort offers a restaurant that serves pretty basic Chinese and Western-style "makan" - nothing fancy, but for us it always seems to hit the spot. Filtered water meanwhile, can be had free of charge.

Finally, for all other scuba divers who swooped in for the great reefs off Tioman, If you've decided on Salang Beach Resort, the dive outfit to patronize is Dive Asia. They're professional, affordable and they're just a few minutes' walk away from Salang Beach Resort.

Incidentally, for those not into scuba-diving, the snorkeling opposite Salang Beach Resort is no less impressive. Just ask the Salang Beach people to pass you some snorkel gear for a few Ringgit and away you go. We sometimes go for a quick swim here using just our dive mask/snorkel set and we come across plenty of darting fishes and, occassionally, even a turtle and a small shark that seem to be regulars amongst the coral patches here.

My conclusion on Salang Beach Resort? It's an unabashedly budget "resort" and, as such, serves a valuable purpose in Tioman, especially amongst backpackers and scuba-divers. Click here to book a Salang Beach Resort room, or similar.

Tip: Breakfast at Salang Beach Resort tends to start at 8.30 am, a bit late if you're aiming to start your scuba safari early. Better ask the staff to set up your breakie at 7.30 am instead. That way, you can dig in at leisure and be on the way to your first dive location nice and early. Also, part of the Salang Beach Resort budget approach is water rationing at night. So make sure you're showered up early. Last-minutes available. No booking fee.

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Need a good no-frills room in Tioman? Salang Beach Resort is just the ticket
Need a good no-frills room in Tioman?
Salang Beach Resort is just the ticket

Spectacular sunsets are no exception
Spectacular sunsets are no exception

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