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Feedback from an actual South Pacific Chalet guest

Spent a few days at South Pacific Chalet with a mate, because we liked the promise of a great location at dirt-cheap rates. Well, South Pacific Chalet did deliver on that promise; we had an enjoyable stay.

However, that being said, if you're not sure whether you really want rock-bottom cheap accommodation, best not stay at South Pacific Chalet. South Pacific Chalet really is as no-frills as they come. Of course there's nothing wrong with this, because South Pacific Chalet obviously fills a niche. But just make sure that you're the South Pacific Chalet type before you commit.

Sure, ABC Village, may not boast the prettiest stretch of beaches, but it does have a great laid-back hang-loose vibe to it. Apparently, it's pretty much the defacto epicenter in Tioman for mellow-inclined travelers: backpackers, budget-types and here-today-gone-tomorrow nomads.

Interestingly, we also spotted quite a few raggaesque dudes and dudettes, rather befitting actually, given the raggae tunes that emanated from quite a few corners. Very cool, mon :)

All in all, the peeps here are a pretty eclectic, happening mix that makes ABC what it is today, a buzzy yet chill place for fun in the sun. In fact, we now refer to ABC as Tioman's chill capital.

Our South Pacific Chalet room, whilst not the newest room ever, let that be said, nevertheless, was decent enough; it was fairly spacious, had a comfortable bed and a bathroom attached hot-water shower. And since we'd opted for air-con, our room served as our little cool escape whenever the temperature outside got a little too much for us to take.

As a side-note, I think air-con in Tioman, whilst perhaps not utterly essential, certainly is a blessing and a half when you do have it. It's great for a quick nap, to recharge mind and body. Because, let's face it, you do cop a fair amount of sun and heat in Tioman. It's part of the reason most of us go there, after all.

Incidentally, we also had a little sea-facing porch at our disposal at South Pacific Chalet . Honestly, this was awesome. The sunsets here are spectacular.

Last but not least, South Pacific Chalet also offers wi-fi. It may not be blazing fast, but it did the job of updating our green-with-envy mates back home, hehe.

So, in a nutshell then, South Pacific Chalet is the place to be if you want to do Tioman on the cheap. Mind you, bargain-basement rates notwithstanding, there's still some sweet little extras to be had, such as a convenient laundry service at less than 10 RM per kg and an in-house restaurant that offers local food that we found a cut above quite a few other places we tried during our Malaysia trip.

Tip: South Pacific Chalet doesn't have a lot of rooms, so if you're keen to stay in "Chillville" at super cheap rates, then make sure you beat the crowd by booking your room early enough, especially during weekends and holidays, because this is when the place gets overrun. You can check for South Pacific Chalet on Agoda if you want to book quickly. If they're not there, then just email them. One more thing, near South Pacific Chalet, there's a small beach cafe that serves traditional pastries that are very scrumptious. Last-minutes available. No booking fee.

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Welcome to South Pacific Chalet
Welcome to South Pacific Chalet

Book your South Pacific Chalet room now
Book your South Pacific Chalet room now

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