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Feedback from an actual Tanjung Inn guest

When we first heard of Tanjung Inn in Tioman, we were a little reluctant to book there, because actually getting to Tanjung Inn is not so easy, due to there not being a ferry that goes there direct. In fact, you need to take the Mersing ferry to Genting first and once you're here, you need to charter a small speedboat to Tanjung Inn, which is located in a tiny fishing village called Kampung Mukut.

But our interest having been piqued by amazing-sounding stories of friends of ours, who always tend to follow the road less travelled, we took the leap and booked a week's stay at Tanjung Inn.

Well, none of our friends's stories about Tanjung Inn was in any way exaggerated. Yes, the journey there is a bit of a mission. But once you've arrived, you'll be as much in seventh heaven as we were.

Tanjung Inn is located on a breathtaking section of Tioman. And as it happens, the fact that it's quite hard to get to, makes it one of the most secluded properties in Tioman. It's this very idyllic remoteness that makes Tanjung Inn the little paradise sanctuary that it is. The beach is as good as private and the snorkeling is great fun. We spotted all kinds of fishes and even a turtle!

Our room was big enough, clean and fitted with all the bits and bobs that we needed for a good night's sleep, including a fan. Surprisingly, it wasn't as hot as we'd expected, probably as a result of the proximity of the rainforest. The room also had a separate bathroom with a (cold-water) shower.

Incidentally, even though the room was big enough and comfy, we still gravitated towards the little patio that we had. Cocooning here, within earshot of the waves, during the days' twilight hours, snacks and a cold drink within reach, was absolutely wonderful.

Tanjung Inn, conveniently, has an in-house restaurant. The food served was mostly local meals freshly-prepared. The dishes weren't exceptionally extravagant, but we always came away from the dining area satiated and quite impressed at the culinary skills of the staff. Mind you, we did have a few BBQ evenings that featured lots of fresh seafood and these events were completely off the scale delicious. If you're going to stay at Tanjung Inn, do have at least one BBQ fest. It will be a memorable evening.

Tanjong Inn is a perfect starting point from which to explore the rest Tioman Island. You can take a beach-hopping trip to Kampong Genting and Paya. Paya especially has some jungle sections that were excellent for a trek. We also went up to the village of Tekek, because we were told it's ground-zero for scuba-diving in Tioman. Suffice to say we weren't disappointed there either. Although we were happy to get back to our little blissful Tanjung Inn chalet by the sea :)

Tip: Tanjung Inn is sometimes spelled Tanjong Inn. These are the same. Keep in mind that Tanjung Inn is slap-bang in the Tioman outback. That means that you will cross paths with some of the local wildlife. Most are harmless, but best bring some bug spray to keep the pesky ones out. Tanjung Inn has a grand total of 4 bungalows, so it's safe to say that the walk-in approach is rather risky. Best book online. There's an actual waterfall not too far from Tanjung Inn, called the Asah Waterfall, and the tour desk arranges guided tours. Infants up to one year old can stay for free at Tanjung Inn if existing bedding is used. Tanjung Inn went through a pretty serious round of upgrading and, actually, we found the property par for the course, especially given the rather modest room rate. Last-minutes available. No booking fee.

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Welcome to Tanjung Inn
Welcome to Tanjung Inn

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Book your Tanjung Inn room now

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