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Feedback from an actual Tioman Zaidi guest

Considered a one-star establishments, Tioman Zaidi nevertheless has a ton of things going for it, especially for those who appreciate the real finer things in life.

If you're one of these, i.e. if you're not into gloss, marble and plushly carpeted rooms, but enjoy a sincere host, true Malay-style hospitality and virtually untouched sceneries straight out of the Swiss Family Robinson novel, then Tioman Zaidi is for you.

We've always enjoyed the outdoors and love fishing, hiking and exploring nature, so Tioman Zaidi was a logical choice for us. Best of all, even though there are some creature comforts available at Tioman Zaidi, the accommodation doesn't exactly break the bank.

Some of the nifty extras included free Wi-Fi, a bread toaster, a BBQ area and a washer and dryer. Do note that, whilst free of charge, the Wi-Fi is only available in the reception area and it's not the fastest. But for us, it sufficed.

Incidentally, not all of the extra little bits and bobs provided are free of charge, so do be aware of what isn't and is included in your booking.

But in truth, for us it was the sea view, the private little beach front area, the secludedness and the pure bliss of staying in this neck of the woods that we loved more than anything else at Tioman Zaidi.

All of this natural goodness came courtesy Kampong Genting, the southern-most village on the island of Tioman. Perhaps the sense of paradise that immersed us around the clock is on account of this area's remoteness and relative newness when it comes to tourism here.

Whatever the reason, it took us less than a day to decide that we'll be back :)

By the way, there are plenty of other things to do around Tioman Zaidi, albeit at some distance away. However, it's all doable on foot.

For example, if you're looking to pamper yourself at a wellness spa, you can. Or if you're into scuba-diving, that too, is available nearby. The same goes for restaurants, as well as for water taxis for those keen to go further afield.

Now, if you're thinking of bringing your pet along, then do take note that this is not permitted, although this is not so much a house rule as an island-wide legislation thing.

The rationale behind the no-pets rule is the fact that the authorities are keen to keep non-endemic species out of Tioman, which - let's face it - is a good cause in anyone's book.

Safe to say that Tioman Zaidi is very much a keeper as far as we're concerned. I'm not sure for how much longer it will remain as idyllic as it is right now, given that the secret is pretty much out. But I'm hoping that it won't change too much before we come back.

The other thing to note is that Genting is only 1 of the 5 villages on the Tioman east coast. The best way to get here is to take the ferry, either from Mersing or Tanjung Gemuk.

The ferry ride is about a 2-hour journey; usually the first stop is Genting, but that's not always the case, so be aware of what the cabin crew announces.

Tip: There are only a few Tioman Zaidi units, which is great for those who managed to book one. Obviously, the flip-side is that they're hard to come by, so booking in advance may be the way to go if you're aiming to stay at this little Tioman Island gem. Speaking of booking in advance, the ferry to Tioman can be fully booked due to the Mersing tidal issues, so ferry tickets had also better be booked early. Lastly, bring a long-sleeve shirt, because it does get nippy every so often. Last-minutes available. No booking fee.

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Welcome to Tioman's Tioman Zaidi
Welcome to Tioman's Tioman Zaidi

Tioman Zaidi's private beach front lounge area
Tioman Zaidi's private beach front lounge area

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